Update of DrupalForFacebook.org

I've updated the DrupalForFacebook.org website to the latest version of both Drupal (7.x) and modules/fb (4.x).

The updated tour shows features of the latest version. And as always, this site is a live example. So when you click the facebook connect button at the top of this page, you're using Drupal for Facebook.

If for any reason you need to visit the old version of this site, it's still running, now at www.drupalforfacebook.org/d6. Please refer to that as a read-only site. If you want to post to the forums, please do so here.

If you notice any problems with the upgrade, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy Drupal for Facebook.

Pedro Rocha's picture

Hi Dave, just a small fix: the link on the "take the tour" at the main block is ponting to "/content/tour" instead of "/tour"(the link that works and is in the main menu).

Great project!