Fix for XFBML.parse() or Mysterious Javascript Errors

For those of you noticing strange javascript errors or exceptions thrown by XFBML.parse() that started appearing in last few days...

These changes come from recent changes facebook made to their javascript API. The latest builds of Drupal for Facebook have a workaround. I recommend upgrading ASAP.

Either download the latest 3.x-dev build for your version of Drupal. Or download the latest release for you version of Drupal. (Note that does not always display the latest version on the project homepage, see

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Hi Dave,
I am using 7.x-3.x-dev version of fb module on my drupal 7 website.
However the fbconnect module doesn't look like in this website.
There is a difference in the way the login happens. The refresh due to session change happens at the browser level for me whereas here it happens at the block level.
You can feel the same if you try logging in to my website at
I tried applying the patch
Can you please point out what am I missing

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Thanks for this Dave! Very much appreciated.

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