"This connection is untrusted" error - and how to work around it

A couple users have reported problems viewing canvas pages on Drupal for Facebook. The error is "This connection is untrusted" or something similar to that (depending on the browser).

The problem is that, although the site has a certificate for HTTPS, that certificate is not signed by an authority already trusted by your browser. This site uses a self-signed certificate, rather than pay exorbitant fees to some authority that most browsers already trust. We support HTTPS only because facebook recently started requiring that, not because we're asking for credit cards or any sensitive information.

Here's a quick way to get past the error.

  1. First, visit this page over HTTPS. Your browser will give you a warning. Again, this is because the cert is self-signed. Click through the warning, allowing your browser to visit the page. This will not make your browser less secure in any way. It will merely allow the browser to visit this domain over HTTPS.
  2. Next, visit a canvas version of this page. You should no longer see any error.

I recognize its a pain to ask users to do this. But until I sort out the certificate situation, it will allow you to demo this site and follow all of the tour. Thanks for understanding.

Giuseppe Pascarella's picture

The canvas version doesn't work at all, the error is

Tim Huckvale's picture

Normally when I get a security certificate error in Firefox, it lets me click through on a button labelled something like "I understand the risks", but in this case there is no such button - it's a dead end.

Dave Cohen's picture

That may be the case on apps.facebook.com/drupalforfacebook.

However you can go to https://www.drupalforfacebook.org. There you will be able to understand the risks.

Then, you can return to https://apps.facebook.com/drupalforfacebook and it will work.